Why Veterans In Construction?

Why Veterans

The construction industry provides solid, well paying jobs to over six million American workers every year. However, the industry is currently experiencing a critical shortage of skilled workers. To remain at the present level of workers, the construction industry needs a quarter of a million (250,000) new craft professionals per year to replace an aging and retiring work force. The key to attracting new workers and retaining current craft professionals is to provide high quality training that leads to lifetime career opportunity.

Military professionals, who bring aptitude and interest, can integrate quickly into construction jobs with the support of internal company training, training through associations and/or federal training programs. The demand is high for construction professionals and demand and financial reward will only increase as shortages continue in the industry over the next decade. Now is a perfect time to establish programs to bring on these outstanding men and women who will have an immediate, positive impact on your organization!

Military Statistics (From Department of Defense Statistic):

  • Approximately 210,000 military veterans will exit the service this year
  • Average military salary at transition: Officer $51k and Enlisted $25k
  • Males: 84%; Females: 16%
  • Officer 13%; Enlisted 87%
  • Education: 87% are High School grads, 52% attended college (all officers have a minimum of a 4-year degree).


  • Military members have their moving expenses paid by the government when they separate.
  • Military members can gain additional pay through the GI bill while they are enrolled in an approved apprentice program. Up to $8,000/YR or more.
  • Some have direct experience (number in specialty in brackets): Building Electricians (2650), Construction Equipment Operators (8985), Construction Specialist (4800), Plumbers and Pipe fitters (640), Leaders (1,000,000+)

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